Veplas. Advanced Technologies.

Veplas products are primarily based on laminated composites composed of matrix system (epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester) and reinforced fiber materials (glassfiber, carbon, aramid…).

Beside the composite production, Veplas Group is performing also assembly and coating.

To become the international manufacturer of hi-tech composites.

To provide a healthy and quality life.

Core values

  • Business excellence
    The company must constantly strive to improve the work and must continuously monitor its performance and improve.
  • Satisfaction of customers:
    Long-partnership and cooperation are built in participation with our customers. Satisfied customers are the mirror of performance of the company.
  • Appropriate suppliers
    Long-partnership is being established in cooperation with our suppliers to mutually and beneficially improve the performance.
  • Satisfaction of employees
    Trained, motivated and faithful employees are the source of the strength of the company. Self-esteem and motivation of employees is constantly rising to achieve the quality with a focus on the fulfillment of requirements and expectations of customers.
  • Concern for the environment
    The company prevents and reduces negative impacts of its activities on the environment.
  • Control and measurement providing
    Processes of the company are target managed and its effectiveness is being constantly measured.
  • Business Ethics
    Business ethics must be the cornerstone of all activities of the company and its environment.