RTM is a process of laying reinforced material between two halves of moulds before the resin injection. After closing a mould a resin is injected under the pressure in the nest where injected resin can cure at room temperature or the process can be accelerate by heaters. Due to closed system emissions are highly reduced and near zero upon the application of RTM technology. RTM process is by use of medium to low pressure area of injection most frequently used process of production of composite products in Veplas.

Veplas has the following technological conditions for performance of RTM:

  • Tools   own tooling workshop (models, moulds, jigs)
  • Logistics  semi automatic transportation of tools in RTM line
  • Gelcoating  CNC robot for automatic gelcoating
  • Cutting reinforced material    CNC cutter
  • Cutting  blanks  CNC robot water jet cutting and CNC milling
  • CNC 5 axis milling machine
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