Engeenering and CNC machining


According to our experiences in the field of technologies whic we applied, Veplas have goal to help our costumer in all phases of production – from development to finalization in manner that product is fullfilling all cosumers needs.

CNC machining

Veplas use CNC machines for following operations:

Milling machine: BACCI-MASTER 4100/5


Machine is an extremely rigid machining centre with 5 axes ideal for machining composite materials, resins, plastic, corian and for light machining on aluminium and wood.

Milling machine:  FA 2500/1500/520 SC

 3 axna freza

Machine is intend for milling, drilling and gravure making for single or serial production. Suitable for “light metals”, plastic materials, wood and wood composites, … .

Flatbead cutter – Zund


Machine is 2D cutter. Depends on material use two possible cutter heads: pneumatic oscilating tool or driven rotary tool. Typical materials (depend on tools) to cut are Leather, Apparel fabrics, Upholstery fabrics Non woven, Foamed material, Technical textiles Carpets, display boards, paper, folding carton, corrugated board, rubber ejection, rubber sheets, gasket materials.
Machine have ability to cut from rolls or flat sheets with belt-style table.

Water jet

 DSC_4051 edit

According to the high quality and technology standards, Veplas has introduced into the production a special robot – 3D water jet cutting in the year 2004. 3D water jet cutting has been developed in cooperation with company Motoman Robotec.

Laser scanner

 3D scan2

Veplas is using laser scanner who is excellent tool for analysis and reporting geometry dimensions and tolerance.  It provides scanning of existing models, products and production of 3D models.

Aluminum thermal treatment furnace


Furnace is used for a thermal treatment of aluminum in order to reach target plasticity for remodeling. Thermal treatment is a special process used in aerospace industry. Therefore an appropriate monitoring of each parameter is established.



Veplas uses a special pressing for metal sheets remodeling. The press has installed rubber box in order to provide most efficient process.


Veplas uses a 100 t heated press for process of ballistic plate compression (spal liner). The press is specially upgraded and heated up to 160ºC. The bed dimensions is 2m x 1,25m.

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