Advantages of autoclave technology are a complete control over quantity of used resin, a position of reinforced fibers and practically zero emissions to the environment.


Basic material is prepreg consist of: reinforced materials (glas, carbon or aramid fabrics are used) in advance defined resin quantitie, hardener, catalizator.

Cooled prepreg tailored on appropriated parts is layed in the mould. Mould is closed. With use of vacuum technic the prepreg is treated according to predefined temperature procedure (heating /cooling) in autoclave. Result is composite product of highest quality.
Veplas can provide and monitor also cool down phase of autoclave treatment.

Autoclave technology is mostly used in aerospace industry, medicine, nautics, car industry, sports and leisure, etc.

Veplas has the following  equipment for performing the autoclave process:

  • Tools   own tool workshop
  • Storage of prepreg material   cold room
  • Prepreg material cutting   CNC cutter
  • Laying layers of material   clean roomAutoclave (heating /cooling)
  • Blanks cutting   CNC robot for water jet cutting
  • CNC 5 axes milling machine
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Autoclave process is in accordance with requirements of EN9100 and is considered as a special process. Therefore Veplas has established a monitoring over parameters of cold room, clean room and autoclave  operation.

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