B2B sales

Are you looking for a new partner for production of composite parts or final composite products?

We are very flexible in production and able to produce new toolings  and complex products from composite materials – depends on requested applications  and demands of a partner.
Do not hesitate to contact us with an inquiry!

So far we have produced for our partners different  kind of composite products/parts:
instrument panels for helicopter, various parts for small aircraft,  inside parts for airplane, carbon fiber parts for sport cars and motorcycles, polyester parts for motorhomes, parts for trains,  parts for buses, parts for luxury motor yachts and sailing boats, medical bath tubes, hydrotherapy bath tubes, healthcare equipment, various parts for construction machines, water slides, children’s playgounds,  flower bowls, carbon fibre fins, windsurfing masts, ballistic helmets, military and police vests, visors, hard armor plates, ballistic plates for automotive…

In its most basic form a composite material is composed from at least two elements working together to produce improved material properties which differs from their  basic properties. Composites consist of a matrix and a reinforcement, added primarily to improve mechanical properties.

Advantages of composites

  • Very high specific strength. Which means very high strength and low weight
  • Great freedom of shape.  Double curved and complex parts can be simple produced.
  • High degree of integration possible. Which means simple integration of stiffeners, inserts, cores, and production of self supporting structures in one or two production cycles.
  • Material can be tailored. Which means fit for the loads / performance the end product has to perform during its lifetime.
  • Superior mechanical properties.
  • Excellent chemical resistance against acids, chemicals etc.
  • Excellent weather/water resistance. Material is low corrosive and low hygroscopic.
  • Products can be designed based on requred physical properties.
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