Water feeder PINGO

Housing of the water feeder PINGO AquaVallis produced by VEPLAS d.d is manufactured from high-quality composite material which provides many competitive advantages such as durability, static, flexibility and sophistication. Built-in system owned by HTZ Velenje, I.P., d.o.o., provides 100% protection against viruses, bacteria and heavy metals.

Children-friendly water feeder Pingo AquaVallis is designed for the youngest and is particularly suitable for use in kindergartens, schools, shopping centers, children’s entertainment centers, health care centers, children’s hospitals and everywhere where something more wants to be offered to children. The built-in system AquaVallis provides 100% protection against heavy metals and possible contaminations with water. Regardless the input water, the output water is always clean and is in accordance with standards on drinking water in Republic of Slovenia (HTZ, 2010).

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