Outdoor Fitness Equipment

In addition to children’s playgrounds Veplas has decided to offer something else which will contribute to children’s parents’ and older youth’s health. Products suitable for outdoor exercising are called Outdoor Fitness Equipment to encourage all generations to healthier lifestyle. Health is our biggest treasure and we must take care of and maintain it.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment is suitable for exercising of all age groups, from older youth onwards. Devices are safe and exercise is effective and relaxing. While exercising we push our body to the limits as it does not have its weight and we exercise with our own body weight. Some devices are designed for simultaneous exercise of more than one person.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment are produced from metal, protected against rust and suitable for outdoor surfaces such as walking paths, parks, residential blocks, military barracks, factories, trim trail, etc.

For an example, if company’s management  makes a decision to install Outdoor Fitness Equipment in the company’ yard, a few-minutes exercise during breaks at work will give higher satisfaction and health and less stress of employees and lower sickness absence from work.

Exercise is also important in Third Age therefore devices are designed to be used by elderly people. With safe use they will improve their cardiovascular endurance, physical fitness and healthy lifestyle and have a chance to socialize and relax.

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 Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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