Kids Playground

Our playground equipment program has been developed in accordance with long –term researches of children’s play therefore our sophisticated playground equipment allows also to most creative children to relax their physical energy and excess of physical power. The play influences on child’s physical growth, development of child’s intelligence and gaining experiences and knowledge therefore it is important that the play is taking place on quality children’s playgrounds providing safety of children and encouraging their activity. Our children’s playgrounds are produced from high-quality composite material and impress children’s eyes with vivid colors and attractive design which gives a true enjoyment of play.

Outdoor activities on playgrounds are popular especially among lively children as playgrounds strengthen their muscles, improve their balance and ability to plan and coordinated movement. Playgrounds can be adjusted for children with special needs (movement disorders). Veplas believes in child’s imagination and originality therefore it has decide to adjust its playgrounds to special orders.  The company has a capability to manufacture playgrounds according to your plans and in combination with different materials. Each playground is manufactured in accordance with all safety standards (SIST EN 1176).

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