Water healing is the oldest and most natural form of therapy whether these be showering or swimming in the sea, a hot tub at home or in thermal spa. Hydrotherapy effects on rheumatism, arthritis and acute inflammations, stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and relieves pain and is recommended for rehabilitation.

For hydrotherapy purpose Veplas produces more than thousand bathtubs per year and mostly exports them. Quality of hydrotherapy program of Veplas is confirmed by the fact that our bathtubs are being used in more than 400 health centers.

Veplas Hydrotherapy Baths are used in health centers, physiotherapy sections in hospitals, health care facilities, retirement homes and institutions for the disabled. Each bathtub is designed to allow to therapist to move free, without any obstacles around the bathtub and provides safety of all patients during the therapy. We offer a complete package of engineering and advising.

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