History – Milestones

More than 35 years of tradition…

  • 1978 – the companies Galip Šoštanj and Integral Velenje merged into a single company Veplas,
  • 1979 – production moved from Šoštanj to Velenje (except the galvanization plant remained in Šoštanj),
  • In the eighties – production of sailboards, later production of wind surfing masts for sailboards,
  • 1991 – lost of the markets and programs and performed conversion (production of parts for automotive industry),
  • 1997 – transformation of Veplas d.o.o. into joint stock company (Veplas, d.d.) and establishment of subsidiary company Veplas Media d.o.o. (a company for disabled persons),
  • 2006 – Veplas production moved into new premises; at the same time Veplas performed a technological modernization to became the leading company among of manufacturers of composite materials in Slovenia,
  • 2009 – a part of the production moved to a new plant in Šoštanj (process of hand lamination); at the same time Veplas lak d.o.o. was established for the purpose of coating process,
  • 2010 – Veplas started with the implementation of aerospace program; the company has obtained the standard EN9100 and has raised the production of autoclave to meet the highest requirements,
  • 2011 – establishment of Veplas Hrvatska d.o.o.,
  • 2013 – establishment of Veplas RTM d.o.o. with longterm business partner and customer ArjoHuntleigh (manufacturing of medical equipment in the accordance with the requirements of the ISO 13485 standard),
  • 2014 – establishment of Veplas trade s.r.l.
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